Manufacturers of Precision Lathes for Small and Micro Parts In The U.S.A. Since 1911
F.W. Derbyshire was founded by Frederick William Derbyshire in 1911. Prior to that he was the superintendent of the American Watch Tool Co. The American Watch Tool Co.was the first company to design and build what became known as the standard watchmakers Lathe the Webster/Whitcomb.
In 1911 after the retirement of the founders of this company Frederick Derbyshire founded his own company In 1916 he was granted a patent on the rack and pinion operated collet holding tail stock and in 1918 he purchased all the patent's trade names ,tools and copyrights of the American Watch Tool Co. small lathe division including his patent's that had been assigned to The American Watch Tool Co.For More Information
Expanding use
The Derbyshire lathes known for their quality and accuracy quickly became the standard for manufacture of many extreamly accurate small parts including miniature instrument,electrical and guidance systems parts.Today we manufacture precision manual instrument Lathes and since 1987 Gang Tooled CNC Lathes. F.W.Derbyshire Inc. Blackstone Ma. To Contact Us